DIY ლიფტის ბავშვები მეცნიერება განათლება Toy

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The elevator elevator adopts the motor as the main power, makes use of the deceleration and self-locking characteristics of the worm gear group, so that the elevator can bear heavier objects. The self-locking structure of the worm gear can stop the motor from turning, and the elevator car will not fall down.
This elevator is a vertical elevator model, by the control circuit control motor rotation, and then through the gear and rope drive to achieve elevator car up and down.
The elevator model adopts the principle of worm transmission, which is composed of worm and gear.The worm drive has the advantages of large reduction, good reduction effect, stable transmission and self-locking (the cage will not fall after the motor stops).
Cultivating children's interest in learning and desire for knowledge can help improve their academic performance.
Scientific knowledge in small production can lay a foundation for future inventions, mathematical and physical learning.
Improve children's sense of innovation and ability, let children win in the starting line, on the social more competitive.
Nowadays, children generally lack practical ability and strengthen the cultivation of practical ability, so that knowledge is no longer an issue.
High quality plastic parts, specially designed for scientific experiments, multi-functional, expandable, material safety and environmental protection odor-free.
High quality natural wood is used as the main structural material of the model.Environmental protection, close to nature, safe and non-toxic, children can freely paint color creation.
Using quality electronic components and accessories, stable performance, safety and reliability.
Powered by 2 AA batteries (battery not include)
Materials: Plastic,Wood,Metal
Theme: Science
Gender: Unisex
Completeness: Semi-finished Product
Stem From: Other
Package weight: 0.182 kg
Package Contents: 1 x Set of Assembly Parts

თუ თავად აიღებთ ამანათს უფასოა. ტერიტორია მარჯანიშვილი.
თბილისი 4 ლარი - მომდევნო სამუშაო დღეს. იმდღესვე 6 ლარი.
რეგიონი 7 ლარი სასურველ მისამართზე.
ჩამოდის - 12 სამუშაო დღეში.