HT-001 1080p Full HD ინფრაწითელი თერმული ღამის ხედვა ნადირობა კამერა

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Product Description:
1. Main material: ABS
2. HT-001 Hunting Camera is a basic infrared smart camera. It is a multi-purpose, all-round smart camera with simple operation. It is used for a wide range of applications: outdoor hunting, animal surveillance, patio security or as an ordinary digital camera. It is extremely waterproof (IP54), dust-proof and camouflage. It is suitable for outdoor installation and has a strong concealing effect, allowing you to detect animals/courtyards all day outdoors under any conditions. Take pictures or record animal/courtyard conditions
3. Automatically controlled day and night infrared smart lens with 5 million HD pixels. The machine comes with infrared illumination, and the camera does not flash at night. It does not expose hidden places and is concealed. The CMOS sensor will use infrared sensation to take black-and-white photos or videos in the dark night, and when there is enough light, it will take color photos or videos. The best infrared shooting distance is 2 ~ 22 meters.
4. Two setting methods: one is through the MMSconfig in the CD, the other is through the remote control

Product Parameters:
Image Sensor: 3 Mega Pixels Color CMOS
Selectable Image Resolution: 8MP / 5MP / 3MP
PIR Sensor Sight Angle: 90 Degrees
PIR Sensing Distance: 65ft / 20meters
Trigger Time: 1.0 second
LED: High Brightness LEDs (Black/Blue-850nm/940nm)
Operation Temperature : - 30 ~ + 70 Deg.C / - 22 ~ + 158 Deg.F
Stand-by time: 4 Months
Memory: TF Card up to 32GB
IR Filter: Full Automatic IR Filter
TFT Display Screen: no display
PIR Distance Adjustable: High / Medium / Low
Triggering Interval: 1 second ~ 30mins ( default 1 sec )
Multiple Photo on one detection: 1 / 3 / 6 / 9
Video Resolution: 1080P / 720P / QVGA / WVGA
File Format: JPEG / AVI
Exposure: Auto
Device Serial No.: 4 digits and 26 alphabets set by yourself
Time Lapse: 1 Second ~ 24 Hours Programmable
Password Security: 4 digital PIN code
Periodic shot: 1Second ~ 24Hours
Power Supply: 6 x AA battery ( not included )
Camera Socket: Yes
Water proof: IP54
Security authentication: FCC, CE, RoHS

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